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Production scale
The company now has two finished shoe production lines, 200 sets of automatic computer cars, 10 sets of large cutting machines and a variety of complete shoe-making related supporting equipment and facilities, has achieved good results in the automation and intelligence of shoemaking, has won the full recognition of peers and customers in product quality, and has won the widespread praise of the society and workers in the aspect of humanized institutionalized management.
Research and development
The company's R & D business is located in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, "China shoe capital". R & D technology department has a high-quality design and technical team, now has a professional designer 1, 2, 4 technicians, 3 salesmen. Company R & D business department two (Lanxin trading) is located in Jinjiang City pedestrian shopping building, with professional designers 2 people, 2 people version division, 4 people technician, salesman 5 people.
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Contact Us
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